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Deborah and Gwen's Coast to Coast Diary
Final Thoughts
Final Thoughts

I am so proud of Mum, she has spent most of her life putting other people first it was lovely to see her achieving one of her own goals.

The trip itself had so many good elements:

Good company – Mum of course, and everyone else we met along the way, both fellow walkers and the many wonderful B&B hosts. We felt that they all genuinely cared that we had a good time and that we succeeded. I can’t go on without especially mentioning Margaret from Brookfield, Doreen and Ernest from Butt House and Judith and Robert from Intake farm. These are the three places I would dearly love to visit again.

Good Scenery – I had some knowledge of parts of the walk before but it was thrilling to see how the three National Parks linked together. There can’t be many places in the world that offers such a variety of scenery in such a relatively short distance.

Good Weather – I know we moaned a bit about the heat, and it did add an extra challenge, but on reflection it was far preferable to the wind, mist and rain that some walkers encounter.

Anything we would have done differently – with hindsight we should have booked the baggage transfer from the start, saving £1 on each leg, other than that very little.

Finally I would like to say a huge thank you to Mel and the kids, without their support it would have been difficult to take such an indulgent holiday. They put up with me spending hours on the computer sussing out the accommodation and pouring over the maps before I left and all pulled together whilst I was away.

Cheers guys!

Mum’s final thoughts
It is very difficult to share the magic of this trip with anyone who has not made the same journey. One has to know the excitement of the planning, the pain of struggling up the hills and the joy of the wonderful views. Only with Deborah can I recall such moments, giggle at the photographs, boast of our suntan and share our good fortune that we are fit enough (Deborah, super fit) to walk across England. We are very fortunate.

For anyone who has got this far into my journal – well done!
You probably need to stretch your legs now so GO FOR A WALK!



Dipping our boots into the North Sea at the end of a wonderful adventure

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