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Deborah and Gwen's Pennine Way Diary
Final Thoughts

Final Thoughts

Despite the unsatisfactory turn of events for Mum we both still had a good holiday. The Pennine Way is a challenge for any walker and I hope Mum will dwell on all her successful days rather than on the few she was unable to complete. I love spending time with Mum. She is such good company and I feel lucky to share her love of walking. We had lots of giggles along the way and enjoyed the company of many generous hosts on route.


The Pennine Way had a very different feel to our Coast-to-Coast adventure. It was more remote, it had more industrial heritage to explore and perhaps had less varied scenery but it was equal in wild beauty. Some walkers express a dislike of the many miles of flagged pathway, it is true that they sometimes are hard on the legs but personally, we found them preferable to the negotiating the many obvious boggy areas and they are helping to reduce the erosion caused by many a boot crossing. 


For those of you who may be wondering about Mum’s current health – she is well and still enjoys day hikes with the Welshpool Ramblers. I think she is still planning to complete the missing sections sometime in the future but has been busy this year helping Dad recuperate from the replacement knee operation he had last October. Maybe they might do the last bit together – who knows?


As ever a big thank you goes to Mel, Tom, Megan and Jane who held the fort in Sheffield whilst I was away.


Mum's Final Thoughts   I just wanted to say thank you to Deborah for her company and support. Also, thank you to all those who helped me and who wished me well. I feel very fortunate being fit enough to enjoy walking in this wonderful country and I am still thinking about finishing those last few days

***Breaking news ****

I have finally managed to interest Mel in the joys of long distance walking. We have just booked to walk the Coast-to-Coast in September this year (2009) Mel can only take one week away from work so we are attempting the crossing in 10 days! I’d better go and do some training……


The end of another wonderful adventure

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